Medical, technical and social advancements continually alter the environment in which the healthcare system operates and extends what is possible for our customers and patients. So that we can satisfy their needs, we, as a healthcare provider integrated into the Swiss healthcare system, continuously invest in the areas of medical innovation, digitalisation and the development of new insurance models. You can find here a selection of our innovation projects.

Medical innovation

Hirslanden Precise

With Hirslanden Precise we offer genetic counselling and investigations in all areas of medicine. The knowledge gained from our genetic makeup increases the certainty and precision of our diagnoses and consequently enables us to target our preventive measures with greater accuracy. The therapy becomes more precise and the prognosis much more informative. We are therefore able to improve the quality of life of patients in keeping with their personal genetic situation.


For our patients covered by supplementary insurance we are consistently putting greater emphasis on the use of innovative surgical techniques such as the da Vinci technology, the robotic arm-assisted macro technologythe CyberKnife as well as customised knee prostheses from the printer.


The Hirslanden-App

Conditions that can be treated at home will be treated there and not in the doctor’s surgery: With our Hirslanden-App we are meeting the needs of our society for medical care irrespective of the time of day and location - with the customary high Hirslanden quality.

New insurance models

We are continuously working with healthcare insurers to develop supplementary insurance products so that we are in a position to offer healthcare policyholders the greatest possible added value. Our focus is on insurance cover for ground-breaking services which were previously only rarely covered, for example in the field of outpatient, digital or telemedicine. We are therefore promoting flexibility and modular products that can be customised to the individual, for example:

Cooperation of Hirslanden and AXA in the area of pregnancy and birth

As a result of this partnership, AXA customers with supplementary insurance now have access to innovative and digital services relating to pregnancy and birth in the Hirslanden-App. The services include a free live chat facility with experienced Hirslanden Group midwives.

Integrated digital health platform «Compassana»

Together with other partners, we are developing Compassana – a digital health platform that connects all relevant players in the Swiss healthcare system. In this way we are committed to integrated healthcare in Switzerland and thus generate added value for our patients.

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Hirslanden cooperates with Medbase and Helsana to provide proven additional services in the supplementary insurance sector

Such cooperation between an outpatient and inpatient service provider, as well as an insurer, is hitherto unique in Switzerland. The focus is on individual patients: They benefit from services in all health areas: Prevention and health promotion, planning and preparation, outpatient and inpatient care, and follow-up treatment. The expanded offer for semi-private, private and Primeo customers of Helsana is initially available in the Bern area and will gradually be extended to the whole of Switzerland. 

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