The Hirslanden Group is actively involved in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, around 2500 patients suffering from Covid 19 have been treated in the Hirslanden hospitals.

Furthermore, Hirslanden has put in place eleven Covid-19 vaccination centres on behalf of the cantons – including Switzerland’s largest vaccination centre in the Messe Zürich, where up to 5 500 persons have been vaccinated per day on 36 vaccination lines.

Numerous cantons have also commissioned Hirslanden with preventive, repetitive testing in companies and schools. The aim of repetitive testing is to detect asymptomatic Covid19 infections early and to interrupt chains of infection before they occur. With "Together We Test", Hirslanden has developed its own IT and logistics platform for this purpose, through which all repetitive testing processes can be handled.

Current situation at Hirslanden


2 433 Total Covid-19 patients treated
25 hospitalised Covid-19 patients
0 of these are in intensive care
0 of these are on ventilators


1 158 913 Covid-19 vaccinations

Last updated 16.11.22 at 2:15 pm. The information is updated weekly and reflects the status of the previous evening.